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Halooo semuaaa…..

Kembali lagi bersama saya, kali ini saya mau membahas tentang salah satu J-RPG online, yah walau sebenarnya ini bukanlah J-RPG yang murni hasil buatan Jepang sana, tapi ini adalah game baru yang berasal dari Korea dengan developer yang baru juga disana sendiri.

Sampai saat ini game ini baru memiliki 2 server yang sudah open beta, salah satunya adalah Jepang.

Untuk kalian-kalian yang senang akan J-RPG entah dari sisi Grafik karakternya yang mirip seperti anime, ataupun para seiyuu nya sendiri, atau karena alasan lainnya.

Kebetulan saya sendiri juga sudah mencoba game ini dan merasakan nuansa yang cukup berbau jepang di game ini sendiri, mulai dari pengambaran karakter-karakternya, dan kali ini saya akan membahas tentang karakter yang playable dulu serta contoh voicenya mereka dan mungkin saja kalian bisa menemukan waifu baru disini,kecuali si Erwin the harem king

Kita mulai dari yang sebelah kiri, Haru Estia Onee-chan yang terlupakan

VA aka Voice Actors (seiyuu) : Ai Kayano (茅野愛衣)

Background story :

bagi yang tidak mengerti silahkan baca background story nya disini :

was interested to help people from childhood she will continue to strive towards the dream,
was superb pass in medical school that was hope.
She heard the news of the passing thought first to most is,
lost her father in a freak accident in childhood,
was that of a mother for his admirably brought up in one herself.
She came home in a hurry while suppressing the proud feelings, reported that it has passed the mother.
Hugging mother and daughter in tears.
However, disaster has been attacked suddenly.
I saw before losing the mind, sight of the ceiling of the small house go whole blown away.
Notice and all around her collapsed,
huge vortex in front of the eye had hit a strange light along with the roar.
She When I looked around trying to find the mother, was witnessing the incredible spectacle.
It becomes the underlay of the building, was a mother who was already extinct breath.
She tried to Dokeyo the rubble trying to Tasukedaso the mother screaming like crazy, but
did not do as Vic.
And, a huge vortex as if drown out her heartbreaking cries went swallowed the girl.

Lalu kita bergerak kekanan,Erwin Arkwright aka Harem King

VA aka Voice Actors (seiyuu) :Hiro Shimono (下野紘)

Background story :

bagi yang tidak mengerti bisa membaca background storynya disini :

he had often heard from childhood was the word “genius”, “remarkable man”.
Different thinking and ordinary man, overwhelming absorption force and applied skills.
He is aware of his talent when one began to understand things.
All from that time began to look ridiculous. All mankind is as if you were in my feet
was. Vertices would arrived without the “effort” is,
he never had anything of value. Uninteresting … not interesting even if you do …
if you make a helper therefore yourself the world and ideal, was the game production he was preoccupied.
Closest to the action to the creation of the ideal of the world, was to satisfy him fully.
However, the game would acclaim as the best games of all time, which was published with the intention of the play.
World is was was … as has denied the more interesting lost … the existence of their own
in such, to see the news about the blank.
It transcends his own recognition, overwhelming unknown presence.
It was enough to stimulate his curiosity.
He headed to the blank as obsessed with something.
And without any hesitation, I went into to the medium on their own fee.

Lalu kita bergerak kekanan lagi dan akhirnya ketemu dengan waifu saya LILY BLOOMMERCHEN.

VA aka Voice Actors (seiyuu) :Ibuki Kido (木戸衣吹)

Background story :

Bagi yang tidak mengerti silahkan baca disini storynya :

born in the millionaire’s house, what kind of self-indulgence as much as without inconvenience be forgiven
she has been brought up, but was about to grow to no sensible woman,
I lived in not so in the presence of his brother.
Her brother is adopted, ghetto born of the same age.
Brother who grew up in the opposite station of the environment has taught me a reason as a “person”.
Precisely because to respect such a brother, to be referred to as her own “brother”
had no discomfort. Because the parent did not show an interest in her,
she is seemingly the addiction, was a top priority even brother in any thing.
Life of the brother is full of happiness, I thought to should continue forever.
But misfortune visited suddenly.
Get into a deep sleep after a brother and tea, always of the day does not change in any way.
She woke up in the noisy sound, went down to the floor below.
So the brother body is only half of the eye,
was the appearance of no monster that you have seen are eating ravenously and brother while rubbing his head.
Her screaming is echoed, she hit a monster with a golf club taken to involuntarily hand,
and blood on your hands, the soul has passed through the appearance of brother you are looking at the ceiling with empty eyes.
Disaster has been attacked as if such her ​​to add insult to injury.
Mansion is broken, the middle of all sorts of things going sucked this unrealistic events,
she the balloon is “a feeling” that you have never experienced until now, began to laugh suddenly loud.
The laughter that was full of “madness” is sounded shockingly,
she along with the disappeared and into the vortex.

Dan pada akhirnya kita sampai ke penghujung karakter yang playable dalam patch sekarang ini, Loli rocker dengan armpitnya, sempat membuat saya terbuai…. namun keteguhan hati saya terhadap Lily tidak berubah sama sekali STELLA UNIBELL.

VA aka Voice Actors (seiyuu) : Risa Taneda (種田梨沙)

Background story :

Bagi yang tidak mengerti bisa membaca background storynya disini :

The girl look what strange. Not a person, but a special one not even in animals.
“They” are not visible to the ordinary person, I noticed immediately that something visible only to you.
“They” is the girl gathered to sing the degree, the girl it was glad always wonder.
Girl casually told this thing to the people of the surrounding and parents.
From that time, eyes to see the surrounding have changed.
So time to notice the identity of the line of sight is that it is fear did not take.
Unholy child, the word cursed child has always been showered on the girl.
The girl became a lot better of singing than talking.
The girl from the parents, and went in isolation from the world.
The only only “they” are always have to buckwheat, encouraged me comfort the girl.
A large disaster happened to add insult to injury to such a girl.
Around the people who threw stones at the girl, he was swearing and cursed child has brought calamity.
If you do not, even so, unreal reality was too severe for the weak human beings.
The girl was sad. It was a sadness of unbearably.
So she sang further. Throat is withered, to run out of steam.
And girl, were being swallowed by the sound played by vortex swallowing the world along with the singing voice.

Pembahasan karakternya sudah selesai , sekarang saya sendiri mau membahas tentang keseriusan Liongame akan game pertama mereka ini,
Liongame adalah pendatang baru dalam dunia pergamingan, dan mereka juga sengaja merekrut para Seiyuu dari jepang sendiri dan juga bekerja sama dengan sebuah studio di jepang untuk membuat anime singkatnya, seperti yang kalian bisa lihat disini :

Episode 1

Epsiode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Dan beberapa info tambahan untuk game ini sendiri :
Main website :
Soulworker JP note : IP Block selain IP yang berasal dari Japan.

Soulworker English community

Sedikit catatan saya tepatnya sih impressi saya terhadap game ini,

Pertama kali saya mencoba bermain game ini, dan apa yang saya dapatkan adalah sebuah game dengan full tulisan Kanji, hal ini cukup membuat saya pusing bukan main, beberapa kali bertanya kepada teman-teman di soulworker HQ dan pada akhirnya saya bisa mengerti sedikit demi sedikit, mungkin ini juga karena insting gamer aka kewibuuan saya.
Karakter pertama yang saya buat adalah Stella, namun sebuah kesulitan yang cukup mendera saya adalah ketika bermain FPS sering sekali drop dan hal itu membuat saya tidak merasa nyaman untuk bermain sebagai DPS dan healer pada waktu yang bersamaan.
Lalu saya memutuskan untuk bermain full DPS, Lily, cukup bersemagat bermain dengan lily namun walau dia adalah waifu saya tapi playstylenya sangat tidak cocok dengan saya sendiri, dan pada akhirnya saya sekarang bermain dengan menggunakan Erwin, Erwin sendiri memiliki text line yang cukup nyeleneh mulai operator sampai boss pada stage akhirpun dia merayunya….

Ada satu fitur di game ini yang sangat saya sukai, Fitur nya adalah My Home dimana karakter kita mendapatkan sebuah kamar di apartemen dan kita bebas mendekorasinya semau kita, dan jika mau pun kita bisa meliha karakter2 kita hanya dengan memakai…. (kalian pasti tau lah apa itu).
SWScreen Shot 20160417[23 50 52]

Oh ia game ini sendiri memiliki theme song yang dibawakan oleh GARNiDeLiA dengan judul “Burning Soul”.
Dan kalian bisa mendengarkan versi pendek di lagu ini di dalam game dekat dengan vending mahine.

Akhir kata saya ucapkan terima kasih yang sedalam-dalamnya bagi yang telah membaca dan mohon maaf jika salah tempat >.<

Credit :Soul Worker JP,

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