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[Concert Report] Perfume World Tour 3rd | London, 2014

Sepertinya di penghujung akhir tahun 2014 ini dipenuhi oleh banyak event and concert yang berkaitan dengan Jepang. Salah satu nya adalah Perfume World Tour 3rd concert tanggal 12 November lalu di Hammersmith Apollo, London.

As an introduction, Perfume is a techno-electronic-pop girl trio and one of the most influential girls group in Japan. Perfume is well known for their futuristic concept and their creative performance. beam lasers and stuff you know XD

The dynamic genki trio: Achan, Nocchi, and Kashiyuka <3

 photo perfumemembers.jpg

 photo perfume.jpg

 photo perfumelasers.jpg

I did say they were going to shoot lasers right? :p

As an avid fan of the group and their music, surely I wouldn’t let this chance slip by. Prepared with the ticket I bought online (it took a lot of effort to buy it online, trust me) in June, I finally went to their concert with my heart going どきどきする ~~~.

Arrived early at the venue like usual, I was greeted by the view of lined up people in front of the gate already, all waiting to enter. While waiting in queue, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with many friendly fans which surprisingly came from all over the world just to watch the girls perform in London!. And unlike other events like ComicCon or Final Fantasy’s Distant Worlds that I have attended, there were quite a lot of Japanese people attending the concert which reflects how supportive they were with their artists and idols.

Not only that, while we were waiting outside, we also been given free merchandise such as cute little pin/brooch with a picture of moefied Perfume girls on it. How cute is that!

 photo IMG_20141112_164745.jpg

 photo IMG_20141112_165206.jpg

 photo IMG_20141112_184655.jpg

Perfume Fans

 photo IMG_20141112_175203.jpg

This jacket is sooo coo!! ME WANT!!

 photo IMG_20141112_175231.jpg

The crowds outside, such friendly and lively fans <3

 photo IMG_20141112_183617-MOTION.gif

Support from the fans to the girls <3

 photo IMG_20141112_173634.jpg

 photo IMG_20141112_173700.jpg

 photo IMG_20141112_173645.jpg

At 7PM the doors to the building were opened and we all went rushing inside just to buy Perfume’s merchs that were sold on the first and second floor. After getting myself some nice merchandise, I head on inside to the concert hall.

 photo IMG_20141112_222845.jpg

 photo IMG_20141112_195044-MOTION.gif

 photo PANO_20141112_191845.jpg

Another bucket list entry fulfilled
 photo IMG_20141112_192916.jpg

And finally around 8PM, lights dimmed and the concert started with the crowds went ballistic with screaming and clapping when ‘Enter The Sphere’ being played as an opening with awesome fancy lightings and laser performances.

Since this is the first Perfume concert that I was able to attend, seeing it live felt surreal. And if I were to describe how the concert was, then I’ll probably say it was like an aerobic/dance class in the gym where you dance, jump and singing along with the girls while trying to dodge laser beams being shooted at your face! IT’S SOAK-ING AMAZINGG!!

(Pardon the pun but yes, you get sweaty excited. Thats why they sell you Perfume towels as merchandise :D )

If you are curious about the setlist they played that night, these are the songs they performed and although my favorite song ‘Perfect Style Perfect Star’ wasn’t in the list, I still loved all of it :

  1. Enter The Sphere
  2. Spring of life (Album-mix)
  3. Cling Cling
  4. ワンルーム・ディスコ (One Room Disco)
  5. ねぇ (Nee~ ~)
  7. Hold Your Hand
  8. Spending all my time (DV&LM Remix)
  9. GAME         (awesome light saber play!!)
  10. Dream Fighter
  11. Party Maker
  13. チョコレイト・ディスコ 2012-Mix (Chocolate Disco)
  14. ポリリズム (Polyrhythm)

Encore: Handy Man and MY COLOR

Fortunately, I also met a fellow comrade as well as an A-Chan supporter who made this great fancam footage. Thanks Matt!

Perfume World Tour 3rd Opening Concert Preview… by maspurz

Post konzert mit fans aus England, Deutschland, France, Japan und Indonesia. Zusammen alles, Kampai~~

 photo perfumefans2.jpg

Perfume performance that night were absolutely stunning. Their digitally artistic performance was truly a sight to behold. The fantastic atmosphere when you’re jumping-punching your fists into the air to the beat whilst singing along with the girls was electrifying.

They were also quite hilarious during the MC session where Nocchi pretends to be Olaf as A-chan and Kashiyuka becomes Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, where they then together sang ‘Let It Go’.

You could also tell Perfume’s crew put a lot of effort to create beautiful projection visuals on the girls dresses and how wonderful the synchronized choreography all together. It was so sharp and bright, definitely better than HD Bluray.

And as the end drew closer, it was very emotional for the girls and all of us. Everyone that night could actually see A-Chan and the girls shedding tears as she thanked the fans for supporting them all this time. Like the others, I was so touched and glad I have the chance to support them in their world tour as well as meeting up with fans from around the world. Ultimately, they closed the night with encore of ‘Handy Man’ and ‘MY COLOR’.

Thank you Perfume for the wonderful concert in London!
I really do hope they could visit Indonesia and have a concert there in the future as well.

So everyone, let’s keep supporting Perfume!