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[Concert Report] Final Fantasy : Distant Worlds | London, 2014

Pada hari Sabtu tanggal 1 November 2014 lalu, Saya berkesempatan untuk hadir ke concert agung nan megah Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds di Royal Albert Hall, London.

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To be honest, I’m not a hardcore fan of Final Fantasy series since I only played FFVIII and only watched my friends playing it from FFVII to FFXIII. Despite that, I always loved Final Fantasy’s music due to its various genres and arrangements, truly a work of art by the legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu. This was also my first time ever watching a full blown orchestra. For those of you who are not familiar with, Distant Worlds is a series of concerts which the orchestra plays pieces from the Final Fantasy installments.

The orchestra itself from the beginning is led by the Grammy Award-winning maestro and music director Arnie Roth. Berperan sebagai conductor konser ini selama 5 tahun, beliau banyak bekerja sama dengan berbagai group orchestra, choir dan special guest untuk perform di berbagai tempat di seluruh dunia. And since the concert was held in London, as you might have guessed, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra along with London Voices choir delivers every single piece with their outstanding and grand performance!

Wait a second, so the concert wasn’t led by Nobuo Uematsu himself?

Unfortunately nope, Uematsu san usually just attend the concert as a special guest composer and if you’re lucky enough, he sometimes participate on a few pieces during the concert.

So did Nobuo Uematsu participate this time?


That night I was lucky to be able to watch Nobuo Uematsu performed ‘Dark World’ on stage with Arnie Roth and the orchestra. It was hauntingly beautiful!

And how was the concert?

Well you just need to read it to find out ;D

So on that day, I went to Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington quite early and arrived at 5PM. Although the concert started at 8PM, I came as early as possible to check out the venue as well as taking pre concert photos. After warming up with a cup of hot amaretto latte and spinach quiche at the venue’s cafe, I went looking around.

Sama seperti saya, cukup banyak orang yang hadir ke venue dan banyak yang datang dengan cosplay character Final Fantasy.

Any of these cosplayers tickle your fancy?

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 photo IMG_20141101_172919-MOTION.gif

Merchandise Stall

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After getting myself some merchs, I went on and tried to take a peek at the concert hall before anyone else was there. Luckily I met with the camera crew that was responsible for documenting the concert and with that, he allowed me to tag along haha.

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If you got one chance, you might as well get the grand tier seats.
Worth every penny!!

 photo PANO_20141101_193709_1.jpg

A few hours later, the show was about to start and I head to the floor shown by my ticket which was the grand tier balcony. At precisely 8PM all the doors were closed, lights went dim and the concert started.

And just like a warm up session, the orchestra played One Winged Angel from FFVII before the opening speech. It was so amazing it left me in awe. The perfectly played orchestral music combined with beautiful cinematic visuals simply swept me away.

After that, Arnie Roth greeted all the audience and listed the pieces that they were going to play. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember and record every single one of them. However, there are already videos of the concert on youtube including mine as well. Although I must say these videos might not do justice of how MAJESTIC and AWESOME the concert really is.

I shed manly tears….

The concert lasted 2,5 hours with a 15 minutes break at the middle before stepping up the game for the second half until climax.
Near the ending they played Final Fantasy Main Theme which was supposed to be a closing piece of the concert until the audiences plead in harmony for an encore. The concert continued for a bit but eventually came to an end with the jolly good Chocobo Medley as the final piece. Such a splendid evening!

So would I watch it again?


Overall, I had fantastic time and it was memorable day indeed. Final Fantasy : Distant Worlds is beyond magnificent. Truly a wonderful experience with glorious and enchanting musical-visual performances. This is a must watch for all Final Fantasy fans out there and hey, whoever said you couldn’t be nerdy and cultural at the same time?

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