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[First impression] Bad Quality in AGP Gundam Unicorn

When the first AGP, Cecillia Alcott’s Blue Tear, released long time ago, I was expecting something really great from the price tag. It turns out the AGP got many issues. Controversy arguments started everywhere, some said it was good enough, others explained their dissapointments in Bandai’s AGP line.

Then AGP released other different kind of AGP mecha girls, mostly from IS series, and gundam mecha girls series. Up until now, AGP from gundam mecha girls released were: Gundam GP03, Wing Zero Custom, Unicorn, and later on Gundam Unicorn Banshee for Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive.

The first time I laid my eyes on AGP lines because of the Gundam Unicorn’s AGP, to be specific the unicorn mode of AGP Gundam Unicorn. Her moe level is too damn high, but her price never agrees with my wallet.

[picture source: http://www.pixiv.net/memberillust.php?mode=medium&illustid=42850147]

Finally I got her when I was like “half drunk + hedon mode activated”, due to toys fair event. After unboxing her, I found out so many dissapointing quality inside, although her price was very high.

Let me show you, first seamlines:

Then noob marks. I found noob marks only in gundam plastic model… why the heck I found it in AGP?

Finally, the worst dissapointment in AGP’s quality… the excess plastic.
I haven’t seen this problem, since HONGLI stuffs (note: HONGLI is the most popular BOOTLEG GUNDAM brand available)

Overall, my first impression in my very first AGP is “Very Bad”, in quality control level.
Although, the model design is not bad at all… but I’ll save it for later.

Until next time.


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